SeDiciAlberi is an Italian company engaged in disadvantaged areas on the planet with reforestation projects aimed at reducing CO2 and improving economic and social conditions of local populations, providing jobs and food aid.We engage individuals and companies in our projects to make our goals even more accessible

Our Thinking

SeDiciAlberi aims to become a reference point in Italy to promote, with the help of our partners and clients, reforestation projects in disadvantaged areas of the world by planting as many trees as possible.

To preserve lands and seas, reduce man’s impact on the environment, support the work, contribute to climate improvement by creating a virtuous cycle in the consciousness of our partners and clients

Commit ourselves constantly seeking solutions for the environment, support efforts to the improvement of living and working conditions of the local populations, nurturing the publication and dissemination of virtuous behaviors

What we have at heart


How to reduce the impact of CO2 in the environment?

Taking the necessary steps to curb consumption of fuel and energy, preserving forests and green areas, regenerating the rain forests and deforested areas, helping to disseminate the culture of respect for nature and animals